Xero Payment Service Release

This is why I really love Xero!   They keep coming up with great features that just make our lives easier.  This week a new release to help businesses get paid faster.

In the world of business, cashflow is king and Xero have just made it quicker and easier for you to get paid.

You will be able to get paid instantly through online invoicing. As well as PayPal, Xero have integrated with a number of payment services – including DPS Payment Express, GoCardless, Stripe and, soon, eWay – so all your customers need to do is hit the ‘Pay Now’ button, and the money will be on its way.

Once a payment service is setup, you will get paid faster, freeing up valuable cashflow and easing their workload.

Setting up the payment service is simple and Xero have created a video to help walk you through the process. Check it out on the Xero blog.