Xero Personal

xero-personal-200Whether or not you use Xero for your business, you can enjoy the great Xero functionality to manage your personal finances.

Boost Bookkeeping can set you up with a Xero Cashbook to monitor your personal income and expenses. This will enable you to find out where your money is going and to identify areas where you can save money.

Keep Track of your Finances with Xero Cashbook

For a one off setup fee Boost Bookkeeping can get you set up with a Xero Cashbook and provide an online training session to enable you to manage your personal finances with ease. Xero Cashbook is only available via a Xero Partner so you won’t see it advertised on the xero.com.au website.  Download the One Page Summary of how Xero Cashbook can help you reach your financial goals.

Start now by completing the Xero Personal Setup Checklist

There is a small monthly fee for the Xero Cashbook software, a really small investment to keep track of your personal finances, contact robyn@boostbookkeeping.com.au for a quote.

Take the Pain Out of Tax Time

You can manage all sources of income and any work related or tax deductible expenses to ease the pain at Tax Time each year. This software will also enable you to summarise Investment Property Income and Expenses and report on your overall financial position at any time.

All Your Financial Information On Hand

Having easy access to the value of your Assets (what you own) and Liabilities (what you owe) is a great advantage when dealing with banks or financial institutions to obtain finance for Loans or Credit cards.

Get Set Up with Xero Cashbook

See what is included in the Boost Bookkeeping setup plan:

  • Set up Xero Cashbook personalised for your Family
  • Link your Personal Bank Accounts, Loans and Credit Cards to Xero Cashbook
  • Set up automated Bank Rules to speed up processing
  • Enter opening balances so you can see your Assets and Liabilities at a glance
  • 45 minute Online Training to learn how to use the software and access relevant reports.

You will just need to complete a quick checklist and you will be up and running before you know it!

Use Xero Cashbook to manage your personal finances and see where your money is going!

Contact Robyn on 0418 774 272 or robyn@boostbookkeeping.com.au to find out more.